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The Class of 1976 gets together every 5 years in years that end with '1' and '6'.  This will continue until we get too old to travel to Kingston and have an ale with classmates.

Old Brigade Entry Reunion - 45 years - Sep 2021

In accordance with the latest Old Brigade rules and regulations, our Class of '76 will enter the Old Brigade all at the same time at the reunion happening 45 years after graduation.  Our CMR gang who started as Preps and our 5-year guys will be 50 years since entry, and the rest of us will be given early entry since we won't be there 46 years after graduation.

Next Reunion - 40 years 22-25 Sep 2016 - Last one before Entering the Old Brigade

The Class of '76 invites all members to get together in Kingston.  Details will be finalized in the near future, but for planning purposes, here is a rough outline of events:
Thursday 22 Sep - Foundation Dinner
Friday 23 Sep - Golf Tournament, Recruit Obstacle Course, and Class of '76 Meet and Greet at Fort Frontenac Officers' Mess.
Saturday 24 Sep - Cadet Parade when the Recruits join the Wing, get 'badged', and receive coins from the Old Brigade.  Our Class of 76 will join the RMC Club dinner at the Senior Staff Mess.
Sunday 25 Sep - Ex-Cadet Parade where we will marching as Senior Class that has not joined the Old Brigade.


Last Reunion - 35 years - Sep 2011

Many photos were taken with digital cameras and they are posted on our Facebook page.  Much more grey hair was visible!  Dave Harvey and John McManus played Rugby and Water Polo against the cadets - both were on winning teams and accepted the sports trophy on behalf of all ex-cadets.

Previous Reunion - 30 years - Sep 2006

Many photos were taken by Jeff Poste, Ed Loziuk and John McManus, and they are posted here

Reunion - 25 years - Sep 2001

We do not seem to have any photos from this reunion, so if you have anything, please send them to the webmaster.

Reunion - 20 years - Sep 1996

Jeff Poste took and scanned many photos and they are posted here

Reunion - 15 years - Sep 1991

We had about 115 guys back for this reunion, and this one was interesting because it provided a great opportunity to chat with the folks working their way up in different organizations.

Reunion - 10 years - Sep 1986

We had about 100 guys back for this reunion.  This reunion was interesting because there was quite a divergence between the guys who stayed in the CF and those that set off on civilian careers.  It was before digital photography, so if anyone has any photos from the 10 year reunion, send them to the webmaster and I will post them.

Reunion - 5 years - Sep 1981

We had about 70 guys back for this reunion.  Most folks were still in the CF, so we were mostly still early in our military careers.  It was before digital photography, so if anyone has any photos, send them to the webmaster and I will post them.


Memorial Arch 90th Anniversary

June 25, 2013 marked the 90th Anniversary at a landmark of the Royal Military College of Canada. On 25 June 1923, as part of that year's Graduation Day activities the Governor-General of Canada, His Excellency Viscount Byng, of Vimy, officially laid the cornerstone of the Memorial Arch. Deposited within the stone, in a sealed copper box, were nominal rolls of Cadets and Staff, pamphlets concerning the Arch, the RMCC Review of May 1923, Canadian coins and stamps and the Roll of Honour of the College. Designed by architect J. M. Lyle, Esq., of Toronto and funded by the RMC Club of Canada with monies raised from ex-cadets and other friends of the College. The Memorial Arch, which in all its humble grace, stood completed in 1924. The Arch commemorates the ex-cadets who had lost their lives in the Great War as well as earlier conflicts. The stones around The Arch continue to bear the names of Cadets fallen in conflict, in peacekeeping or fallen to other causes while in service.

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