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Class Project

1 Nov 11 - For Class of 76 members, this link is a good start. You can read about some of the ongoing projects available and they may spur your creativity in choosing a 'Class of 76' endeavour. Here is a link to the Foundation website which is easy to navigate through.

The RMC Foundation

Take a moment to look through the whole site - under the heading "Ways to give" you will see how to ensure your donations go directly to our class fund or a specific project. I think this will ensure future donations do not end up in a project not of the donor's choosing. From the left hand side menu you can go directly to make an online donation. For those of you who did so on the weekend - again - thank you very much! From our meeting in ML7 (where the seats were not as comfortable as the theatre seats from the 70s), Bill Sergeant received about 6 volunteers to join the steering committee to come up with a 'Class of 76' plan. Bill suggested some initial guidelines which included drafting a framework document by the end of November 2011 that defines the guiding principles for the selection of a class project. Some of the terms that were bantered about at the meeting were: teamwork (Tony Bowie); visibility; focus; Centennial class; unique. This is not meant to be an inclusive list, rather one to get us all thinking. The framework should also include how many classmates constitute a quorum to approve the potential project, who or what positions (i.e. class secretary, committee chair, elected officials) will be given authority to commit funds for the project, who will oversee the implementation of the project, and what should happen to any remaining funds once all class members have departed this life.

3 Jun 04 - Note from our Class Secretary: I write with regret to inform you that I have collapsed the Class Fund. About a month ago the Foundation sent me a letter laying out some legal obligations WRT the fund as stipulated by CCRA. I have yesterday informed the current Ex Dir of the Foundation that he can take whatever small amount was in the fund and disperse it as he sees fit. All of my attempts to raise interest in this issue have come to naught. Vox populi suprema lex esto. The voice of our classmates has spoken by their silence and so I have discussed this with a half dozen classmates here and abroad and made my decision on the Class's behalf. I have told the Ex Dir that a strong part of our Class's reluctance has been both the "wish list" and the monumental incompetence that the Foundation has demonstrated in the management of its finances. Should we see a change in future I would be willing to re-start the Class fund but until such time as this is demonstrated, our Class will vote by its absence. Dave Pentney and I have begun thinking about our 30th and will get info in the coming months so that we can collectively start thinking this over.


Chuck Oliviero
Class Secretary


Memorial Arch 90th Anniversary

June 25, 2013 marked the 90th Anniversary at a landmark of the Royal Military College of Canada. On 25 June 1923, as part of that year's Graduation Day activities the Governor-General of Canada, His Excellency Viscount Byng, of Vimy, officially laid the cornerstone of the Memorial Arch. Deposited within the stone, in a sealed copper box, were nominal rolls of Cadets and Staff, pamphlets concerning the Arch, the RMCC Review of May 1923, Canadian coins and stamps and the Roll of Honour of the College. Designed by architect J. M. Lyle, Esq., of Toronto and funded by the RMC Club of Canada with monies raised from ex-cadets and other friends of the College. The Memorial Arch, which in all its humble grace, stood completed in 1924. The Arch commemorates the ex-cadets who had lost their lives in the Great War as well as earlier conflicts. The stones around The Arch continue to bear the names of Cadets fallen in conflict, in peacekeeping or fallen to other causes while in service.

Royal Military College of Canada