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Givins investigates S-76 Crash

McKay's Daughter in Miss UniverseCanada

Rick Dodson

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Gebbie, Debienne and McManus  - 2009 Penticton Triathlon

Givins investigates S-92 Crash

Falloon retires

Gebbie, Debienne and McManus
2008 BC Triathlons

Marty Tate's son gets wings

Maisonneuve at CMR

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Debienne Gebbie McManus
Boys compete in Penticton during July 09

Ted Givins, TSB
Story about the investigation into the S-92 crash off the coast of St. Johns - August 09

Debienne Gebbie McManus
Class of 76 Boys participate in BC Triathlons - July 08

Marty Tate in Moose Jaw
Marty Tate presents wings to his son - May 08

Karmin McKay Cleans
McKay Family works hard!
Calgary Herald - May 07

Bill Ard's
'E' Division raids brothels
TC article - Dec 06

Dave Burt
describes how Sikorsky H-92 Cyclone contract was modified
CNEWS article - Oct 06

Walter Istchenko
defends himself in a Globe & Mail article - Aug 06

John McManus
Swimming story
eVeritas article - Nov 05

Rick Paulin
Priest in Kelowna - Jul 03

Rick Hardy
is Mr. Rescue - Jul 02

Mike Maisonneuve
gets married - Jun 02

John McManus
goes swimming - Aug 01

Les Falloon
CO HMCS WINNIPEG, fires a Harpoon! - Jun 00

Dave Marshall
Retires 14 Aug 99

Mike Maisonneuve
Interview on 3 Jun 99

Mike Maisonneuve
headed up a team of 70 OSCE observers in Albania to help the impoverished country deal with the flood of Kosovo refugees.

Andre Langois
CO HMCS HALIFAX saves 16 people off Africa

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Ted Givins investigates S-76 Crash
Ted Givins, manager of recorder and vehicle performance with the Transportation Safety Board, examines the cockpit voice recorder that was recovered from the scene of the Ornge helicopter crash near Moosonee, Ont. Click here for CBC story

Karmin McKay's Daughter Michelle in Miss Universe Canada 2013
Miss Universe Canada 2013 ­ Riza Santos (Calgary, AB)
1st runner-up ­ Siera Bearchell (Moose Jaw, SK)
2nd runner-up ­ Diana Martin (Mississauga, ON)
3rd runner-up ­ Denise Garrido (Bradford, ON)
4th runner-up ­ Michelle McKay (Sarnia, ON)
Click here for Michelle's profile

Rick Glen Dodson (11063) died on January 1st of 2013. He was living in Edmonton where he had remained since leaving the Army in the mid-90s after having been the Officer Commanding the CF Parachute Team (Skyhawks).  For more information, see obituaries

Update on our 35th Reunion and our eventual Class gift - October 2011

35th Year since Graduation Reunion:

Our Class members started meeting each other at Friday's obstacle course.  We enjoyed seeing the way the recruit flights worked together to get tasks done - like using strategy in getting everyone over the high wall.  It contrasted strongly with the style of race we had which was much more individualistic and the goal was simply to get yourself to the end as fast as possible.  Friday evening, we got together at the Cadet Mess and got a chance to chat with everybody to catch up on what was going on in everyone's life.  On Saturday morning, we were able to witness the 'badging' of the Recruits by the Old Brigade entry class (1966) and got to see the new 1st year cadets join the Cadet Wing.  Saturday afternoon was dedicated to sports - some events were intercollegiate and there were 7 competitions between Ex-Cadets vs Cadets.  On Sunday morning, we formed up on parade under the direction of Chuck Oliviero.  We looked very sharp on parade in the mist and rain as we treked out to the Arch for the annual service for fallen comrades.  While the comments from the group were quite entertaining, the best quote was attributed to Cole Tokei after they read off the list of RMC Grads who passed away in the past year.  Cole said "If you are going to die, make sure you do it in the year preceding one of our 5-year reunions so our boys will be on parade to hear your name called".  On the return to the parade square, the presentation of the Piiper Challenge Cup was presented.  The tradition calls for the RMC CWC to accept the trophy if RMC wins, or the senior Ex-cadet from a winning team if the Ex-cadets win.  Most of the games were close, but the Ex-cadets won 4-3 so our Class of 76 was honoured to have the most senior ex-cadets participating and both were on winning teams.  John McManus (Water Polo) and Dave Harvie (Rugby) marched out to accept the trophy.


Class Gift to RMC Foundation

For Class of 76 members, this link is a good start.  You can read about some of the ongoing projects available and they may spur your creativity in choosing a 'Class of 76' endeavour.  This is part of the Foundation website which is easy to navigate through.
Take a moment to look through the whole site - under the heading "Ways to give" you will see how to ensure your donations go directly to our class fund or a specific project.  I think this will ensure future donations do not end up in a project not of the donor's choosing.  From the left hand side menu you can go directly to make an online donation.  For those of you who did so on the weekend - again - thank you very much!  From our meeting in ML7 (where the seats were not as comfortable as the theatre seats from the 70s), Bill Sergeant received about 6 volunteers to join the steering committee to come up with a 'Class of 76' plan.  Bill suggested
some initial guidelines which included drafting a framework document by the end of November 2011 that defines the guiding principles for the selection of a class project. Some of the terms that were bantered about at the meeting were: teamwork (Tony Bowie); visibility; focus; Centennial class; unique. This is not meant to be an inclusive list, rather one to get us all thinking. The framework should also include how many classmates constitute a quorum to approve the potential project, who or what positions (i.e. class secretary, committee chair, elected officials) will be given authority to commit funds for the project, who will oversee the implementation of the project, and what should happen to any remaining funds once all class members have departed this life.

Request for Pipes and Drums Information

Hi Chuck Oliviero (Class 1976 Secretary) and John McManus (Class 1976 webmaster):

I have been writing a series of articles on the Military College bands for e-Veritas, the Royal Military Colleges alumni journal.  I hope that you and/or your classmates can provide memories, context, updates or corrections on the album, circa 1976. I came across the album on sale on e-Bay. I am always open to other story ideas, as well.

Description follows:

Captain D.F. Pelley for the Commandant, RMC [2816 BGen (Ret) William W. Turner CD (RMC 1940)]  "Royal Military College of Canada 1876-Centennial-1976" A 12" LP record in 1976 by Eastern Sound Studios of Toronto of the RMC Pipes and Drums, brass and chorus in celebration of RMC's centennial. The tracks include: `opening`, 'Salute '76', 'Centennial set,' `Strathspey and Reel`, `Salute to the ex-cadets`, `March set`, `Jig set`, `Hymnodies`, and a `finale`.

I am curious about the tracks:
Salute to the ex-cadets` may no longer be in the repertoire of the RMC band;
Whether Hymnodies includes the `College Hymn`, which is no longer in the repertoire of the RMC band;
Whether March set includes Precision (RMC March). The RMC pipes and drum play the instrumental version of Precision, but the lyrics are in the repertoire of the chorus.  

Photos of the RMC Pipes and Drums, brass and chorus in the 1976 would make good additions to the profile. I have copied Ross McKenzie from the RMC museum, since this album was produced for the College centennial.


E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)
613 944-5695

Class of '76 is on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, join the Group RMC - Class of '76.  If you are a Luddite, join Facebook, then join our group!  You would get to read about Ken Watkin being selected to be on Israel's Turkel Commission
Turkel Commission

Tragedy strikes John Rose - 1 June 2010

Dear Comrades,
Our Classmate John Rose shone on the sports field, was a loyal teammate and friend, and was personally very popular at RMC.  Therefore, it should surprise no one then, that last Saturday afternoon, in scenic lakeside Invermere, a bright and shining sun pushed back the relentless rain that had, to now, been our B.C. Spring..........and revealed that over ten percent of the town's population of 3600 had come out to pay their final respects to their departed town doctor, colleague, and friend.  
Clearly Dr. Johnson Albert Rose was well loved and respected by the townsfolk of Invermere.  Besides the sheer numbers that swelled Christ Church Trinity that day, the constant sound of attending ladies' sniffles, throughout the three Eulogies offered up, underscored the deep sadness and grief that gripped the entire town.  Indeed, even prior to my arriving at the Church, while assisting the two middle-aged owners of Invermere's Canterbury Florists, Joanne and Sandy, with the final touches on our Class of '76 floral arrangement, both ladies choked up when speaking of Dr. Johnson Rose, and the tragic accident that took him  all too soon.  At Ray Ray's Pub, overlooking Invermere Beach, where I lunched and changed into my suit, the patrons I talked to all knew our Classmate, and all mourned his loss.  "Shocking" and "tragic" were the common adjectives most used, with one man cursing the rail line that split the town and impeded town peoples' progress.   
The Service was simple and dignified as Paul Rose, the oldest surviving brother, was introduced by the Anglican Parson, and delivered a heartfelt and poignant Eulogy highlighting Johnson's many accomplishments, interests, and passions.  Johnson, Paul told us, was the best oldest brother any boy could've had, and that Johnson had always wanted to be a doctor.  Apparently, historical dealings with "the four Rose boys" growing up in nearby Cranbrook, included the concept of picking a fight with one, meant taking on the other three as well. 
Paul spoke of the enormous pride and love Johnson held for his wife Denise, her skills and efforts as a great wife and mother.........and in her considerable Art talent and accomplishments.  On two occasions, Paul emphasized the enormous level of Johnson's pride in his two sons Trevor, 20 and James 18.......and their tremendous accomplishments as two local area sports phenoms.  I remember thinking then that "the apples didn't fall far from the tree."  Paul lightened the sombreness a tad by referring to Johnson's penchant for British high-performance Sports Cars, his reluctance to operate them at less than their maximum rated speeds.........and "the account" he paid-off (over some time) with the local RCMP.  
The second Eulogy was from an elderly physician who had recruited our Classmate as a young UBC Medical School Graduate, to intern there in the Columbia Valley.  He spoke of John's determination on the ice, as he led the local area doctors to a Medical Association Hockey Championship over teams of MDs from much larger urban areas.  That determination, zeal and passion was even stronger, he reported, when Dr. Johnson Rose took on the Provincial Health bureaucracy to obtain important and expensive resources for their local Hospital.  In Johnson's soft-spoken manner, evidently visiting BC Healthcare reps would describe a long-awaited item in great detail.........John would politely let them finish.......and then say two words........"but, WHEN??!!!"  Apparently the Dr. Rose "But When??!!" procurement methodology worked very well, as Invermere has more medical hardware today per capita than any other berg in Southeast BC!!
The final Eulogy was from a lady physician who was Johnson's Medical Practice partner.  She was a little shaky at the beginning, but recovered very well to entertain us with stories of John's affinity for exceedingly strong coffee, his dry sense of humour, his off-the-wall observations...........and his ability to silently disappear out the office backdoor (usually down to the Hospital to check on a patient) without being noticed. 
A reception followed, and I was able to meet John's lovely wife Denise, and his sons, Trevor and James.  I also met John's three brothers, Paul, Kevin and Derek.  I explained (to all of them) that I had known John (and it was "John" at RMC, and not Johnson, because everything in the military is abbreviated)........and that John had been the Rugby star from Royal Roads who became the fastest player on the RMC Redmen Football team, our starting halfback, and just a guy who was a naturally gifted athlete.........but more than that, John had been truly a great Cadet, comrade, Classmate, and buddy.  No one had ever, I reported, nobody at RMC, staff or cadet, had ever had a bad word to say about John.  The young John Rose had possessed a quiet confidence about him, soft-spoken yet very witty, with a instant and infectious laugh.  He was a very easy guy to like, I said. 
I made a point of emphasizing that I was there representing all 200-plus Class of '76 comrades of John's, and that many emails about John had gone around Canada, from coast to coast to coast, those past few days.  Denise was particularly moved by our Floral Tribute, complete with one RMC insignia front & centre (could be alleged from a pre-worn RMC polo shirt I brought along in the car) and was most appreciative that our Class, from all those decades ago, would remember John so fondly and vividly.  I told his sons that their dad was proud and confident, but never vain.........a fiery competitor on the sports field, yet easy-going in everyday situations.  John had so many great traits and also strong values like loyalty, toughness, and courage.  It was obvious, I said to his sons, that the good people of Invermere knew that Johnson was a great man, and that I was there to tell them, in all honesty and sincerity, that John had also been a great guy as a young man just starting out.
In the end, like the town of Invermere, our Class of '76 is poorer today than we were one week ago.  This was a shocking and tragic accident which befell a Community Leader, a healer, a devoted husband and father, and an esteemed and valued comrade to us.  As Paul Rose said in his heartfelt Eulogy.........
"we are all richer for having known Johnson Albert Rose!"
R.I.P. John Rose

Jeff Poste wrote:
From: "Jeff Poste" <>
Subject: RE: John Rose
Date: Sunday, June 06, 2010 3:45 PM

I had some thoughts on this terrible situation that I wanted to share with you guys. As Rocky says, we've probably all thought of doing the same thing at one time or another. I know I have. What a tragic, terrible waste, as ‘Rosey’ was such a good guy. His family, in particular, must be asking over and over again why he did it. The thoughts below, from my knowledge of John, are one man’s opinion.

I remember talking to him for quite a while at one of our reunions when he was still a physician in Cranbrook and I was struck by the passion he had for his work.

I think that there are certain common characteristics that continue to bind us together as a group after all these years. They are: a commitment to excellence; a willingness to take chances; a somewhat devil may care attitude; and an internal and deep seated personal conviction that there is very little that can defeat us.

Some might say that a stupid mistake killed John that day, but this is over simplistic and ignores the man that John was. They might say that a lapse of judgment placed his sense of urgency about accomplishing his objective before that of his personal safety, and to a certain extent they may be right.

However, what many people can’t begin to understand or consider is the inner motivation of a man like John in challenging risks. Who knows what was weighing on his mind that day to make him take that chance? Perhaps he had even done this before successfully. We all did things much more dangerous than this during our time in the military and laughed about it later. Also, as a physician John was no stranger to life and death situations. Ultimately, what we do know for sure is that his personal sense of duty caused him to take a dangerous chance, for whatever reason, placing accomplishment of his objective beyond his personal safety. He saw a need, he made a decision, and he acted.

It is this same type of motivation, willingness to take chances, and often snap judgment that causes soldiers to charge through a hailstorm of bullets on the battlefield, firefighters to run into burning buildings, police officers to risk their lives daily, and search and rescue workers to put their lives at risk and often die trying to save others. It comes from an individual’s inner sense of service to something higher than themselves. If you have ever read the stories and personal accounts of individuals that we as a society consider to be exceptional, you quickly realize that they all share an innate sense of duty, and a willingness to take chances to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to accomplish their objectives. Make no mistake, John Rose was exceptional.

All of the advancements and progress that the human race has made since the dawn of time have been made by the risk takers, not by people who have played it safe. I admire and honour John for being that type of individual, for his personal commitment, and for that devil may care recklessness that heroes, explorers, and world changers demonstrate.

So what killed John?

Like the stray bullet that hits the soldier, the collapsing structure that traps the firefighter, the unpredictability of a law enforcement situation, and unpredictable changes in weather that trap search and rescue workers, chance and bad luck killed our friend.

If the train had not, by bad luck, started up at that moment, John would still be with us.

Instead, as his last act on earth, John Rose like many other exceptional individuals that we remember and honour was striving ‘above and beyond’ to accomplish his objective when fate intervened and claimed him.


2009 Class of '76 Triathlon Championship
Click here to hear from Bob Gebbie, John McManus and Don Debienne
competing at the 2009 Penticton Peach Classic Olympic Distance Triathlon

Ted Givins investigates S-92 Crash

Les Falloon retires from the Regular Forces
see the photos

<-------  Pete is famous - Seen in a newspaper and online

Hartley's First Law:
You can lead a horse to water, but if you can get him to float on his back, you've got something.

Lewis's Corollary to Harley's First Law:
You can lead a horse to water, you can open his mouth, and you can stick his drinking apparatus into the trough, but you can't make him swallow.

Hartley's Second Law:
Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself.  

Notice that it does not mention juggling food from the dining hall or spinning milk over your head!

Others from the Class of 76 have Laws, Axioms, Maxims and Theorems (actually published)!

(Paul) Allen's Axiom:

When all else fails, follow instructions.

(Bruce Baldwin) Baldy's Law:

Some of it plus the rest of it is all of it.

(Doug) Brooks's Law:

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.

(Gord Brown) Brownian Motion Rule of Bureaucracies:

It is impossible to distinguish, from a distance, whether the bureaucrats associated with your project are simply sitting on their hands, or frantically trying to cover their asses.

(JD) Clark's First Law of Relativity:

No matter how often you trade dinner or other invitations with in-laws, you will lose a small fortune in the exchange.

Corollary: Don't try it: you cannot drink enough of your in-laws' booze to get even before your liver fails.

(Dave Rowesome) Dave's Law of Advice:

Those with the best advice offer no advice.


(Dave) Davidson's Maxim:

Democracy is that form of government where everybody gets what the majority deserves.


(Ron Funk) Funkhouser's Law of the Power of the Press:

The quality of legislation passed to deal with a problem is inversely proportional to the volume of media clamour that brought it on.

(Grant) Gibb's Law:

Infinity is one lawyer waiting for another.


(Dave) Hall's Law:

There is a statistical correlation between the number of initials in an Englishman's name and his social class (the upper class having significantly more than three names, while members of the lower class average 2.6).


(Tom) Howe's Law:

Every man has a scheme that will not work.


(Brett) Johnson's First Law:

When any mechanical contrivance fails, it will do so at the most inconvenient possible time.

Corollary: Never let any mechanical contrivance you are using know that you are in a hurry - submitted by 7077 Paul Wehrle - Class of 1966


Ka(r)min McKay’s Kamin's First Law:

All currencies will decrease in value and purchasing power over the long term, unless they are freely and fully convertible into gold and that gold is traded freely without restrictions of any kind.


(Dave) Long's Notes:
1. Always store beer in a dark place
2. Certainly the game is rigged.  Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet, you can't win.


(Dave) Marshall's Generalized Iceberg Theorem:

Seven-eighths of everything can't be seen.


(Dave) Martin's Law of Committees:

All committee reports conclude that "it is not prudent to change the policy (or procedure, or organization, or whatever) at this time."

Martin's Exclusion: Committee reports dealing with wages, salaries, fringe benefits, facilities, computers, employee parking, libraries, coffee breaks, secretarial support, etc., always call for dramatic expenditure increases.


Kevin M(a)c(d)onald McDonald's Second Law:

Consultants are mystical people who ask a company for a number and give it back to them.


(Bill) Miller's Law:

You can't tell how deep a puddle is until you step into it.


(Paul Amyotte) Paul's Law:

You can't fall off the floor.


(Roger Haag) Roger's Ratio:

One-third of the people in the country promote, while the other two-thirds provide.


(Bill) Schultze's Law:

If you can't measure output, then you measure input.


(Don) Shaw's Principle:

Build a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will want to use it.


(Bob) Simmon's Law:

The desire for racial integration increases with the square of the distance from the actual event.


(Rob) Stephens's Soliloquy:

Finality is death. Perfection is finality. Nothing is perfect. There are lumps in it.


(Paul) Washington's Law:

Space expands to house the people to perform the work that Congress creates.


(Rick) Woods's Incomplete Maxims:
1. All's well that ends
2. A penny saved is a penny.
3. Don't leave things unfinishe


(Don) Young's Law:

All great discoveries are made by mistake.

Corollary: The greater the funding, the longer it takes to make the mistake.


And finally,

The "Enough Already" Law:

The more you run over a dead cat, the flatter it gets.

Class of 76 celebrated 30 years from Grad
Click here for Reunion Photos


Mike Maisonneuve new Academic Director at CMR

Mike asks the 'Class of 76' to help guide young folks to CMR.  Click here for Mike's email

Retirements - see the new webpage with messages and Photos

Recently submitted by Steve McKenna - photo of the Wolfe Squadron 1st years with their Rook Camp CSCs/CFL/CSL.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger photo along with the names.



Our plan for a Class project with the Class of 56 has been cancelled.

Looking for work?  Anyone looking for a full-time employment opportunity in the defence related sector and who is living in the Ottawa region please call Chuck at (613) 541 5010 ext 4386.  The ideal candidate will have been out of the military for more than 1 yr but less than 3 yrs.

Tim Addison Retires - see the Photo Album

Our Class Secretary is a Doctor!


Check out these photos of a proud PhD graduate

12 Apr 06 - Brian Kroeker on his idea for a Class of '76 Project to honour Anthony Bowie.  Please click here and read

6 Apr 06 - Our Class Secretary, Chuck, is putting together a '76' Database.  We are not going to publish the information that we gather on the web, or distribute it to any outside agencies.  It will only be used by 'Class of 76' members for keeping in touch with 'Class of 76' mates.  Have a look at the snapshot in the link below and send your info to Chuck at  Send only the info that you are comfortable sending.

12 May 05 - The boys head to a Mess Dinner: Ian Swain, Les Falloon, and Rick Taylor put on their fancy duds to go to the Esquimalt Wardroom to celebrate the "Battle of the Atlantic" Sunday.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.

10 Feb 05 - Note from our Class Secretary: Our Class Bereavement Fund now stands at $1730 and next week I shall deposit it with the RMC Club at Panet House.  They will give us between 3 and 4 % APR.  I look forward to NEVER spending it.  My suggestion to all is that in the unfortunate event of one of us passing away (or their mate or a child), someone contact me and I will arrange to send flowers or a donation in our Class' name to our Classmate.  I suggest that we limit donations to classmate, his significant other  or a child in order to make it equitable but am open to any suggestions anyone may have.

I have now built a rudimentary database for our class and am starting to populate it with pertinent details like phone numbers, email addresses, your DOB, your mate's name (first and last if different from yours) and your mailing address.  My intent is not to gather personal info on you for an invasion of your privacy but rather to act as a central clearing house for any Classmate to find a lost bud.  If you would rather not be found, then simply don't give me your data.  Those who do give me their data can rest assured that I will hold it as confidential to those within the Class of 76.

Lastly, I am sad to pass on that David Hall's Mom pass away last week.  Rossco Matthews and I attended the funeral in Toronto.  Dave and Posy are OK.

Look forward to your feedback. TDV.

Chuck Oliviero


It has taken me a long time to acknowledge the gifts and donations that came in after Carol's death but I am sure you will understand - it has been a very difficult time for me.  Nevertheless, I want to be sure to express my appreciation for the donation that was made to the Kidney Foundation in the name of "your brother officers in the Class of '76" - it is very much appreciated.  Throughout this time I have been repetitively reminded of the ties between us.  Friends and neighbours have all offered their support, but it is undoubtedly the support provided by you, my classmates, that has been the most consistent and most valuable to me.  It has kept me going.  I am tempted to name those of you who are closest to me, who have been outstanding, but I won't do that here as my intent is to thank you all for your contribution, for your thoughts and for your support.  They are very much appreciated.

 Give me a call or drop an e-mail anytime, I would love to hear from all of you.

Doug Cargo

Check out e-VERITAS online:

6 Sep 04 - Note from our Class Secretary: Fellow Classmates, the untimely passing of Carol Lem made me realize that we need a Class Bereavement Fund.  I have spoken with the Exec Dir of the Club and he currently administers two such funds and would be happy to do so for us.  Should a Classmate or a member of his immediate family pass away, I would ask that someone inform me immediately.  I would then ensure that the Club sent flowers or made an appropriate donation to charity in our name.  I have made a donation to the Canadian Kidney Foundation for Carol in all our names already.

I have started collecting $10-$20 from the boys on a voluntary basis.  If you would like to contribute to the fund, please send me your cheque at 1451 English Way, Kingston ON K7L 5H6.  I will record your donation and then, once I have large sums, I will deposit it with the Club. The fund will accrue a small amount of interest so if we all chip in now, it will be self sustaining as the years roll on.   Since it is with the Club and not the Foundation, there is no tax receipt.  Please pass the word around.  I will be sending out an email next week with the same message in the hopes of reaching most of our Classmates.


Chuck Oliviero

18 Aug 04 - Obituary for Carol Lem (Cargo)

3 Jul 04 -  As reported by Karmin, Paul Sunderland underwent an "Executive Makeover" sponsored by the National Post.  Click here or on Paul's photo for info. The transition process was televised and was written up in the National Post.  His goal was that this exposure would be to the benefit of his company, SI Inc. and to get a free wardrobe as well as fancy spa massages.  Was the 'ugly duckling' transformed into the 'goose which will lay golden eggs'? I sure hope so!  He has been to fancy spas, they are examining his closet at home (they may find old RMC sports jerseys, gray 'bimbo' flannel pants (waist too small etc) and buy him new clothes. Stand by; is this the Suds we all know and love?  Has Bay Street exposure turned him into someone that would really want to be a CWTO and faint correctly on parade?

3 Jun 04 - Note from our Class Secretary: I write with regret to inform you that I have collapsed the Class Fund.  About a month ago the Foundation sent me a letter laying out some legal obligations WRT the fund as stipulated by CCRA.  I have yesterday informed the current Ex Dir of the Foundation that he can take whatever small amount was in the fund and disperse it as he sees fit.  All of my attempts to raise interest in this issue have come to naught.  Vox populi suprema lex esto. The voice of our classmates has spoken by their silence and so I have discussed this with a half dozen classmates here and abroad and made my decision on the Class's behalf.  I have told the Ex Dir that a strong part of our Class's reluctance has been both the "wish list" and the monumental incompetence that the Foundation has
demonstrated in the management of its finances.  Should we see a change in future I would be willing to re-start the Class fund but until such time as this is demonstrated, our Class will vote by its absence.

Dave Pentney and I have begun thinking about our 30th and will get info in the coming months so that we can collectively start thinking this over.


Chuck Oliviero
Class Secretary
(613) 541 5010 ext. 4386

Remember 1975's how to 'Faint on Parade'

Vancouver Sun 1978 'By the left! Paaaaaasss ... out!'

Col(ret) Tim Ryley's background  Author's Reply

20th reunion photos in 1996 Photo Album

HMCS WINNIPEG with Falloon Photo Album

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Chenier, Debienne and Feltmate report in!

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