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[Spring Training]

Makeover area: Wants to raise his own profile in an effort to win more customers and investors
Company: A vice-president with Software Innovations Inc., a mid-sized firm that develops and sells project management and customer relationship management software for engineering projects
Position: general manager for eastern Canada
His pitch to FP Edge:I would like to be considered for the "profile" business skills coaching. I am a new COO of a small software company called Software Innovation Inc. We are approx. 15 individuals strong. The history of the company is very interesting but one aspect is that for the seven years it has been in operation in North America it is not known. This aspect is very discerning in that we have a great product but are having difficulty gaining market attention. We currently have a few large clients but would like to grow.

One of my main objectives in life is to be part of and lead a vibrant company that I can contribute and grow to create jobs for Canadians. I feel that if I were to increase my profile and that of our company I could begin to achieve this life long aspiration. Over my career of 25 years I have held a number of senior manager positions but have always had difficulty gaining the recognition for me and my teams even though our results have been outstanding. My leadership style is very inclusive but more back room in that I would rather have my teams recognized verses myself. I believe that this style may be detrimental at this time and I feel that coaching would enable me to better represent my company and enable it to prosper.