St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church, Kelowna, B.C.


Fr. Rick can describe vividly the special moments that let him towards the Priesthood.  An invitation to a Bible Study group from some students at Queens University; an inspiring moment at a young people's prayer group; a search for a Philosophy of Life; a quiet moment of reflective prayer when he knelt and offered his life to the Lord.  
It's worth asking him to tell the story!

Fr. Rick Paulin: 1997 - July, 2003

Fr. Rick Paulin's father served with the Royal Canadian Air Force - so his early years saw him moving frequently from Victoria, B.C. where he was born, to Saskatchewan, Goose Bay, Newfoundland, Clinton, Ontario, Cold Lake, Alberta and then finally to the Royal Military College in Kingston where he graduated with a commission and immediately took a leave of absence to go to St. Joseph's Seminary in Edmonton.

Fr. Rick is a happy and enthusiastic priest.  Asked about the future of both the Priesthood and the Church, he replied that he saw both in a positive way with the Holy Spirit directing us into the new century.

As a young seminarian, Fr. Rick spent his summers at the Military Base at Cornwalis, Nova Scotia where he worked with some 500 kids a week for two summers - young people often refer to him as "The Singing Priest" - guitar and song are still his favorite hobbies, and he still loves working with young people - he is also chaplain at Immaculata High School.

After five years of service to the Diocese at Canadian Marty's Parish, Invermere with the Mission at St. Joseph's in Radium, Fr. Rick was moved to St. Pius X Church in Kelowna in 1997.

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