'Class of 76' - 2001 Update Album

From: "Edward Bekeris" <edbekeris@hotmail.com>
To: "John McManus" <jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 2:38 PM


 Just got into the RMC, and class website.  I was inquiring about the ex-cadet weekend, and class reunion.  I'm planning to attend, but I also saw that you don't have an e-mail address for me.  I use this for personal stuff.  Work (Air Canada)e-mail is
ebekeris@aircanada.ca, and military (reserve/ 400 THS) mail278t@dnd.ca
I've already sent note to Andre, Chuck, and Kerry that I intend to attend the ex-cadet weekend, and class reunion.
See you there.
Ed Bekeris, 10911

From: David Murray
To: jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2001 12:45 PM
Subject: DB's Big Adventure

Hi Rocky,
    It's been about 2 and a half years since my last update so I thought I'd drop you another line.  You may recall that my plan after leaving the military in 1997 was to open a used/new CD store in Kingston.  Well, that has indeed happened.  I opened my doors at 337 Princess St. on 2 Aug 99 and was promptly sued over the name of the store (CD Warehouse).  My franchisor, based in the US, had assured me there would be no problem despite my repeated warnings.  The franchisor, smelling defeat, settled out of court and then paid all of my legal bills and costs to convert to my new name, "CD Exchange," and rightfully so.  Catchy name, isn't it?  After a very tense first eight months where I lost a lot of weight and some sleep, things have been steadily improving.  In fact, this month (Aug 01) we broke our sales record for the second month in a row.  I'm continuing to have a lot of fun and I'm really enjoying working with my sons, who I employ on a part time basis to help fund their post secondary studies.
    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again at the upcoming Ex-Cadet Weekend.  My plan is to hand out noseflutes at the meet and greet on Friday night so, if you want one, you'd better be there.  That's it for now.  See you at the end of September.  Note my new e-mail address.
David Murray
CD Exchange
Kingston, ON
Tel: (613) 531-3797
Fax: (613) 531-4123

From: Roger H. Richard
To: jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2001 6:42 PM
Subject: Information Update for Roger Richard

Hi Rocky !!!   Just logged on to your website. What a great piece of work! It's great to have a mechanism for contacting classmates in between reunions. Please update your files with the following information:

Roger Richard


921 Lancaster Drive,
Kingston, ON
K7P 1R8
Tel:  (613) 634-1332


Superintendent of Business Services
Limestone District School Board
Kingston, ON
K7L 4X4
Tel:  (613) 544-6920



Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion !! Cheers, Rog

From: "Mike Hache" <jmhache@accesscable.net>
To: <jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2001 7:16 PM
Subject: Hache Checking In
  Hey Rocky.  I continue to return to your home page to catch up on the old Gang - as usual, you've got the market cornered on quality information for the class! We're connected through the Maritime Air community at work, so I thought that I would take this opportunity to add my e-mail address and contact information to the list that is evolving through your Class Notes. I will be continuing to provide air support to the Navy of the east from my vantage point overlooking the Halifax harbour until 2002.  Life is :-)

Home e-mail:
 Home number (902) 865-3359
 Office e-mail: via Outlook or
 Office number DSN 447-2140, commercial (902) 427-0550 ext 2140

From: Dave Armchuk
To: jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 8:05 PM
Subject: Class of '76 Update

Hello John:
Greetings from Port Elgin, Ont. I was pleased to find that a web site had been set up for our class. Please update the class directory with following E-Mail and home address:
Box 1967, 165 Lord Elgin Place
Port Elgin, Ontario
N0H 2C0
E-Mail: elginbunch@sympatico.ca

Bruce Power
Box 1540, Tiverton, Ontario
CMF Bldg B-12
N0G 2T0
E-Mail: david.armchuk@ontariopowergeneration.com
Looking forward to our 25th. Regards,

David J Armchuk

14 March 2001 8:58 AM - Henry D'Auchapt

Subject: 25th
From: Henry D'Auchapt HDAuchapt@scor.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Got JOM's reunion message from Laurie Kane. To be honest, I thought I'ld left all this behind ages ago but Laurie has been giving me the hard-sell on this reunion, so ...
Before anything else, I want to say that I'm totally impressed with all the work you've done. Thanks.
Next, I guess this means I should actually stay in touch and put myself on a mailing list:

Home: dauchapt@home.com

Work:  HDAuchapt@scor.com

(I'm more likely to see my email sooner at work. And just in case you're curious, SCOR Canada is the local subsidiary of a French reinsurer ... and my French is still the pits).

Looking forward to seeing the (old?) faces and hearing a few stories over a good scotch or 2.


Now I'm going to have to find my grad ring and hope to hell I haven't thrown out my recruit manual. "TDV" seems to ring a bell but...

12 March 2001 10:34 PM - Marvin Haagsma

Subject: 2001 Update from Marv
From: Marvin Haagsma mhaagsma@powersurfr.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Now working for Ralph Klein, developing software for the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Still in Edmonton, enjoying the low(er) taxes. Primarily developing applications usingPowerBuilder and SQL Server. Enjoying it thoroughly. Ran into Ivan Sawchuk (Roadent 71-73) here; other than that, haven't seen any 'old boys' in eons.



Sun, 11 Mar 2001 18:04:58 -0500 - Rick Hardy

Subject: Another update
From: Rick Hardy ab143.issc.debbs.ndhq.dnd.ca
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

...been keeping track of the site Rocky and it's nice to see the guys starting to 'check in' before the 25th. The 10th was pretty O.K., the 20th was super but this year, well, it can't help but be absolutely great. Also it was super that Andre has set us up at the same motel. Van Beek, Lazenby, Bucholtz and I are already booked at the Days Inn. Thanx.

By way of a 'who's doing what'... After three very, very busy years as Director of Cadets, I have accepted an offer to be the Canadian Forces Attaché to Scandinavia. Gwen and I will commence Norwegian language training in August 2001 and will move to Oslo in August of 2002. From what I hear we will be very busy doing 'business' in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

See ya in September.


11 March 2001 7:32 AM - Chuck Davies

Subject: Chuck Davies Checking In
From: Chuck Davies crddavies@renc.igs.net
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Mike Maisonneuve recently told me how to find your website. Great work.

I'm in NDHQ working on the Land Staff as Director of Land Force Structure with a secondary job of Director CSS. For your records, I can be reached as follows:

e-mail: crddavies@renc.igs.net

Mail: Colonel C. Davies
Director of Land Force Structure
National Defence Headquarters
101 Colonel By Drive
K1A 0K2

or: C. Davies
PO Box 180
Deep River, Ont
K0J 1P0

Phone: Office - 945-0290
Home - Weekdays - (613) 742-5193
Weekends (Deep River) (613) 584-3758

My wife, Pauline, (research scientist at Chalk River Laboratory, hence the Deep River home) and I plan to attend the reunion this year. We missed the last two. In 1996 I was on the Golan Heights and in 1991 we both had other job commitments. We look forward to seeing everyone in September.


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