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Notes from the scribe - We had a mini-Class of 76 reunion at a pub in Ottawa recently. An important motion was voted on - we were trying to decide if Zeus could be an honourary 76er. After the ales were distributed, McManus (the scribe) and Addison proposed that he could be an honourary 76er if he bought a round for the boys. But we were over ruled by the majority who was willing to give Zeus a place on our homepage for free! So be it - it was proclaimed that Zeus has returned to his '76 roots!

Tue, 7 Mar 2000 22:17 - "Wilzewski"

Subject: Recent Visit to Ottawa
From: "Wilzewski" wilzewski@home.com
To: "Tim", "Brett", "Kolba", "Louie", "Pedro", "Rocky" and "Wally"

To the boys First of all I hope this note gets through to all of you. I got the e-mail addresses from the class web page, so it is all Rocky's fault if this doesn't get through to any of you. And where is Bob Drummond's e-mail address? He should owe a round the next time we meet!

I just want to thank each of you for making the trek on such a cold and blustery February night. It was an outstanding get together. I should have sent this note sooner. I'm worried now that I might have forgotten to thank someone who was there. My memory tells me there were 8 of us and I found 6 e-mail addresses and I've noted Bob doesn't have an e-mail address on the class page, plus me makes 8. There's proof that all my time at Military College paid off.

There are a couple of things I wish to point out. The first is that the time was too short. Our night out could have gone on much longer. The second is that none of us drink the way we did when we were classmates. Who would have thought that it would turn out this way?

It never ceases to amaze me how we can not see a classmate for years and years and then carry on like it was only yesterday. So here's an open invitation to drop by when you are next visiting the Left Coast. There is still only one Wilzewski in the phone book and you will now have my e-mail address as well. It would then be my responsibility to produce a get together with those of us here.

My dog is starting to whine wondering why I haven't taken her for the nightly walk so I had best be off for now.

Take care all of you and once again it was great seeing all of you again.


Tue, 7 Mar 2000 20:20 - Andre Langois

From: Andre Langois AHLanglois@aol.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Hi Rocky

It's about time I log in and tell you what I've been up to. Well done keeping this page going!! Many thanks.

Thanks also for posting the stuff on the rescue off Senegal. My time in HALIFAX was wonderful - too bad it only lasted two years. Here's what I've been up to since then:
Jun 98 Change of Command out of HALIFAX
Jul 98 Posted to Newport, Rhode Island to attend the US Naval War College and complete the Naval Command Course (NCC). Anne took a year of LWOP and moved down with me. On completion of the year-long course, I remained in Rhode Island to complete a Master of Arts degree in International Relations. Aug 99 - Good news: Anne got promoted to Cdr. Bad news, she had to go back to work in NDHQ.
Jan 00 - I moved back to Canada. I'm living in our brand new house in Kingston and Anne is in an apartment in Ottawa on Imposed Restriction. This is the plight of Married Service Couples! I did my time on IR (3 yrs), now it's Anne's.
Feb 00 - guess what? - I took up my new duties as Deputy Director of Cadets at RMC. DCdts is now a 4-ring position and a 3-ring Deputy position was created to help out. There are 900 cadets out there to deal with, now that CMR and RRMC are no more. Very busy but lots of fun.

As you can tell, I'm well placed to help out on any 25th anniversary work for our class. So, please give me a call or e-mail. I'm also OPI for the RMC 125 celebrations going on all year in 2001. The Reunion Weekend is shaping up to be a blowout, so we need to plan early...

You can reach me at home at:
449 McCallum Drive
Kingston ON K7K 7C6

Tel: (613) 547-8650
email: AHLanglois@aol.com

or, you can reach me at RMC at:
Cdr JEHA Langlois
Royal Military College of Canada
PO Box 17000, Station Forces
Kingston ON K7K 7B4
Tel: (613) 541-6000-6179
email: Andre.Langlois@rmc.ca


Sun, 05 Mar 2000 20:09 - Kerry Watkin

Subject: Update
From: Kerry Watkin kwatkin@kingston.net
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Hi John!

Glad to see the page back! I was at an RMC Luncheon the other day and ran into Andre Langlois, he is now the D/DCDTS at the College, quite a change, but I got the impression that he is really enjoying the challenge.

I survived the RRSP season, it was a good one. I've also changed firms and am working with Fenlon Financial which is part of the Asssante Group. Big change, but I'm glad I did it!

I talked with Rick Dodson about 4 months ago and he has left Investors Group as well. Not sure what he is doing now.


Sat, 12 Feb 2000 20:09 - Marvin Haagsma

Subject: My Update for the 76 Buds page
From: Marvin Haagsma mhaagsma@powersurfr.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

The page is looking great! But I realized that my most recent update is somewhat out-of-date... so here is the latest scoop.

Have been gainfully employed as a systems analyst here in Edmonton since graduating from the NAIT Computer Systems Technology program in April '99. Am programming in Oracle / PowerBuilder, doing systems analysis & design work for the Catholic Charities here in Edmonton. (I traded in the CDS for the Pope). Also doing Active Server Pages and some web pages on the side, some VBScript & JavaScript, too. It is great fun learning new stuff (finally) after too many stultifying years with the old SEA Thing.

Ham Radio & Drums are gathering dust while I fiddle with computers and write nasty letters to the Editors of various papers - my latest battle is with Ralph Klein over privatized health care in Alberta; see my Edmonton Journal letter on my website at: ntserv1.powersurfr.com (Look for My Opinions on Just about Anything).

email is now mhaagsma@powersurfr.com

Marvin Haagsma
18707 - 70 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5T 5C9
(780) 489-8587

Sat, 22 Jan 2000 15:46:12 - Hubert Wilzewski

Subject: Class of 76 Webpage
From: Hubert Wilzewski wilzewski@home.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Is there any chance one named Wilzewski could somehow weasel himself in. As you can see from the class web pages, the class of 77 in whatever form is non-existent and I need a place to go. I'm going to Ottawa next month and was trying to set up some time to meet with the boys. Take care and I'll send another note shortly.


Sun, 09 Jan 2000 09:45:56 - Tim Addison

Subject: Happy New Millennium
From: Tim Addison addisontim@home.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Rocky - just checking in to let you know the Addison's survived the y2k rollover, with only minor headaches. Although I'm a current ops guy in Maritime Staff I got the big night off and we had a nice evening at an old Auberge out in Cumberland, just a bit further east of Orleans. Pretty sedate affair but the 12-course meal was good. Just don't party anymore like we used to.

Checked in on your site to see your Christmas stories and pics. Good to see they still sell hot water bottles in Winnipeg. Also had a skim of the recent Class of 76 notes. Great to see what's new with so many of da boys. I was out to Victoria in early Dec and saw Les Falloon and Iain Swain and of course there are a few '76ers in Ottawa. Saw Rick Wall and Wally Istchenko over the past couple weeks. Career manager says I'm in Ottawa for at least another year so anyone heading this way can look me up in Fort Fumble on the 11th Floor, South Tower.

Tim Addison

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