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Monday, November 01, 1999 10:33 AM -Barry Doucette

Subject: Barry Doucette Update
From: Barry Doucette douce@home.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

I was just reading the notes from other Buds and decided to write a short note to update everyone on what I'm up to. Being a diehard Bluenoser I spent 23 yrs after grad in the Navy-all on the West Coast. The hazards of being a Roadent, and marrying a Victoria girl. I retired in 95 (thanks to FRP!) and am now working for the BC Government here in Victoria. Same old thing as the military-push paper from the in to the out basket. At least I don't have to worry about being posted every 2 -3 years. I am in the phone book and would like to hear from any classmates visiting Victoria. As Phil Wall said, there are a number of the class of 76 here and we enjoy getting the boys together whenever one of our classmates is visiting. So if you are coming, give us advance notice and we'll plan a reunion

Barry Doucette

Wed, 22 Sep 1999 12:53:44 -0400 - Pat Sweetnam

Subject: greetings
From: Pat Sweetnam sweetnam@jwfc.acom.mil
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Rocky this is a great site. I just read through the guest book and was really impressed. It's a great way to keep us all in touch. I especially enjoyed seeing niknok back in saskabush and Marv Haagsma back in God's country. Steve Thompson trying to sort teachers out, that should be fun. Like one of the locals here said, "the instructions called for WINDOWS 95, 98, NT or better, so I loaded UNIX!"

Actually after being married to a frustrated teacher for twenty years, mine decided to go back and do a PhD (UofT) specializing in adult education, especially training related to Alzheimer's Disease. She's tired of people who talk back!

After battalion command, I was lucky to come back to the US for three more years (two down) and just completed an MBA at the College of William and Mary. With 27 and a day just passed, guess what I am doing? But taking my time especially now that we have to dry out from Hurricane Floyd.

For anyone who is interested my whereabouts are 101 East Wedgwood Drive, Yorktown, Virginia, 23693. The military stuff is below. For the Saskatchewan residents, I just thought I would mention that they only golf eleven months of the year here because it gets too hot in July!

LCol JP (Pat) Sweetnam, J716A
Canadian Liaison Officer
United States Atlantic Command
Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Center
757-686-7982 (DSN 668)

Thu, 26 Aug 1999 21:57:54 -0400 - Steve Thompson

Subject: Reconnecting with old friends
From: Steve Thompson srthompson@home.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

First, what a great site! Second, what have I been doing that its taken me this long to get to it? Thanks to Rocky for sending me a note re an article I wrote on Macs and PC's and reminding me that my email address on the site is 4 versions and 4 years old!

My next question is how come so many of our grads are closet or public techies? It must be something in the water in Kingston.

Having moved to Toronto for a short stay with Gandalf in 1986 I find myself still here! Fortunately we get a fair amount of 76er travel through so I get to keep up on some of the news. Not near the content I got tonight, though, going through the web site.

As a bit of a personal update, I think I am finally getting over my reputation as a "CT Pilot". Funny, it doesn't seem to matter whether it was your idea or theirs ... it still kind of lingers. My biggest regret today, is not missing the flying but seeing all you guys retiring while I still have to put in another 15 years!

I've currently got the challenge of my lifetime as General Manager Information Technology Services for the amalgamated Toronto District School Board. With the Province combining the 6 former Toronto Boards into the 5th largest in North America and then quickly trying to claw back a few hundred million for other interests, it is quite an experience. Its hard to imagine how we will ever get 19,000 teachers in almost 600 schools all on a common technology base, especially when our equipment varies from 1 to 12 years old. Anybody interested in picking up a couple of thousand Apple IIe's or maybe five thousand 286's? Of the 55,000 PC's we run more than 20,000 are too old to connect to any kind of network. Of course, if your interested, you'll have to wait until I can pry them away from teachers who have 10 years of curriculum running on them. Windows NT is great but how do I get this MS DOS math game to run on it again?

If any of you closet techno gurus have ideas for revitalizing education in Canada through technology - drop me a line - I am at: Office - steve.thompson@tdsb.on.ca, (416 395-8197) and Home - srthompson@home.com (905 884-0921).

Humour aside, it is humbling to see the kind of contribution our classmates are making around the world. I personally really appreciate the effort that you, John, and the others are taking to make us aware of what our friends are doing. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Steve Thompson

Thu, 19 Aug 1999 14:06:58 -0400 - Bill Kolupanowicz

Subject: Just logging In !!!
From: Bill Kolupanowicz bill@gusq.com
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Just killing time after lunch and found the web page! I wondered if the class had one. I'm back in St.Catharines working with Investment Planning Counsel, found Trenton a little too slow!!..

Family is still there due to school but anticipate moving within the next two years. The commuting isn't very great especially thru TO.

E-mail is bill@gusq.com

Cheers to everyone
Bill Kolupanowicz K+11

Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:29:11 -0700 (PDT) - Kevin Macdonald

Subject: Re: Annual Easter Message to the Boys
From: Kevin Macdonald kevin_macdonald@webtv.net
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Thanks for the update. Since I don't correspond much, especially with any whose addresses you don't already have, I can't contribute much to the address book. While my bc.sympatico.ca address is still active, this webtv address is my 'TG Tactical' address these days, so I'd like it if you'd update your list to include it, either as primary with the sympatico as secondary, or simply as my net address.

What I'm doin' these days: After a two year stint as MARPAC HQ's Information Technology Coordinator, Information Systems Support Manager, and Senior Information Systems Security Officer, I have recently accepted the position of Information Systems Support Manager (retaining Sr ISSO for the HQ) for the Operations Support Centre (Pacific)--Athena. I now live 'behind the Green Door.'

A suggestion for consideration by the class: Since you've allowed Gropp to plead his way onto our class page (flagrant light-blue NAGs nepotism!), which I applaud by the way, I think we're getting old enough that we should be more egalitarian in our general approach to the "Class Page." I'd like to see membership extended to all who entered in '72 ('71 for our CMR buds) or were associated in any other way with Class of '76. Maybe you could add columns indicating Year-of-Entry, College of Entry, and Grad Class Year if applicable, to maintain some distinguishment. I'd also like to see some recognition that Terry, Dale, and Don (any others?) were members of our class--I suggest that they be included in the address book with an annotation "Deceased" in the address entry block--a sort of online version of the Frigateers' Tontine. Maybe their spouses might want to have entries? I know that Sue (Oxley) Dawe would like to remain in close contact with the class. I know that it's asking a lot of you, especially in the administration, but I think it'd be worthwhile to setup. Maybe you could delegate some of the load to those of us who don't contribute so much? I've also heard that some of the classes maintain a newsgroup and a listserv to further enhance their connectivity. Easy to suggest, but someone's got to do the work, I realize. If you, and the class, think these suggestions have merit, let me know how I can assist you.

Cheers aye,
Another Mac Infidel,

Thu, 1 Apr 1999 09:06:51 -0500 - Wayne Sinker

Subject: Boys of 76
From: Wayne Sinker w.sinker@sympatico.ca
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Found your site a while back, but was extremely tardy in responding. Great work, John! Nice to see so many have the electronic capability to get here. To think you engineering types were at one time so excited about portable calculators!

I'm still supply teaching around the Trenton, Ont area and whenever possible working Class A at the Rescue Co-ordination Centre and Canadian Mission Control Centre (SARSAT). Sinking boats, crashing airplanes, and anxious relatives of the missing are a pleasant break from being in a classroom.

Kind of hard to believe the 25th reunion is on the "distant" horizon. The mid-life crisis stories might be interesting....



Wed, 10 Feb 1999 20:45:51 -0800 - Philip Wall

Subject: Just checking in!
From: Philip Wall pwall@pacificcoast.net
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Great to see that Rocky's taking the time to keep us all up to date on our whereabouts. Never could quite figure out where I was half the time. Still can't for that matter! Currently "logging it out" in the wilds of B.C., and enjoying the west coast lifestyle. Boss is Dave Marshall and somehow he manages to keep me on the straight and narrow. Actually quite a gaggle of us out here. The '96 reunion photos really turned out great! Reminds me just how young I really am. Thanks!

Other email addresses I'm aware of are:

Clutch Cargo at DECARGO@aol.com
Mike Maxwell at mmaxwell@golder.com

Keep in touch, and thanks again to the Rock.

Phil alias "bulk"

Mon, 18 Jan 1999 19:51:36 -0700 - Glenn Bucholtz

Subject: Hello Class of 76
From: Glenn Bucholtz bucholtz@attcanada.net
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

Hi...just discovered this web site a few days ago. We have been living quite comfortably in Sherwood Park, Alta just outside of Edmonton. True to my Chem Eng'er roots, I have been with Shell for the past 18 years and currently am Plant Manager of the Shell Scotford Chemical Plant near Fort Sasktchewan. Lots of time devoted to hockey, skiing and a little golf in the summer.

E-mail address: bucholtz@attcanada.net

P.S. still drop by and see Steve Peach in Cochrane, Alta and summer visits with Don McEachern and Mike Erdmann in Kelowna, BC

Sat, 16 Jan 1999 14:19:15 -0700 - Tom Howe

Subject: RMC Class of 76 - Email address
From: Tom Howe tom_howe@telusplanet.net
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

It was a great pleasure to find that the Class of 76 is alive and well on the WWW.
You can add the following info for me:
Home: tom_howe@telusplanet.net
Work: tom.howe@cdcgy.com
Hobby: ve6od@rac.ca

Cheers and I hope to see you at the 25th.

Thomas Howe

Wed, 06 Jan 1999 10:57:27 -0500 - Dave Murray

Subject: News from D.B.
From: Dave Murray 6mdm1@qlink.queensu.ca
To: John McManus jmcmanus@jmcmanus.com

I've only just had my first look at the Class of '76 homepage and I'm very impressed. I guess I sort of knew it existed but didn't get around to checking it out until now. Keep up the super work.

You may recall at our 20th reunion I was telling anyone who wanted to listen about my plans to leave the military and delve into the world of retail by starting a used/new CD store here in Kingston. You may wonder why I would want to do this to myself, but I put it down to my love of music and the inspirational words of wisdom, "And Now For Something Completely Different", I once heard on the Monty Python show. Well, it's hard to believe, but I'm almost there. I used the money I received on my FRP buyout (at least what was left after the huge tax bite taken by our good old Canadian government) to purchase a franchise from a company in the US and I am now actively looking for a business location. I've had some difficulty with the franchisor concerning my business name (which I won't get into here), however it's almost cleared up now. I hope to open my doors sometime in the spring/early summer. Wish me luck. Since leaving the military, I've been "apprenticing" at a CD store here in Kingston called CD Plus, Bath Road at Gardiner's Road. Anyone wanting a good deal on some CDs should drop by. Working there has been educational as well as a lot of fun, but I'm itching to get my own business going.

So long for now. I'll let you know when the grand opening is scheduled to take place.

D.B. Murray

P.S. I received a Christmas card from Greg Anderson and he gave me his e-mail address. I noticed it wasn't included in the Class of '76 listing so here it is: greg_anderson@bc.sympatico.ca

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